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Measure, Track and Monitor

Unidentified cost leakage is a cause of major concern for YOUR business, fix the cost leakage with out of the box solutions.

Time is Money

Employee TIME lapsed is precious MONEY lost, Workforce management is built for YOUR employees & contractors

Zero code app building is a reality

Application factory offers a great freedom to map YOUR own business process without the need of any coding

COVID-19, never imagined global crisis

Be prepared for the future, Transform YOUR Business with Digital Transformation. POC is a great idea to start with Zero investent.

Introducing flagship digital product from Crisprsys, INSIGHT, designed to deep dive into your data.

Outcome is to offer probabilistic support for taking appropriate decision

Applications for Organizations across scale & size

Customer Success is the mantra at Crisprsys. We dont have Sales Team to sell our software solutions, but our Customer Success team ensure your organization generates that extra through Cost optimization and Employee and other partners engaggement. Check all the features and benefits of our applications.

Crisprsys Business Apps - Best Suit for Covid influenced business environment

Zero Code Fully Customizable & Scalable, Customer Centric

CRISPR, one of the biggest science stories of the decade is the powerful new gene editing technology, scientists used to exploit a quirk in the immune systems of bacteria to edit genes in other organisms like plants, mice, even humans since last 6 years.
Now CRISPRSYS is here to edit and modify the DNA of business processes for good by offering robust software application systems through CRISPR BUSINESS SUITE APPLICATIONS, delivered from its Application factory, to identify and fill gaps for all business functions across industries and organizations of varied size and scale.

Crisprsys Business Apps - Best Suit for Covid influenced business environment








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Use Cases

Just a few use cases presented here from a basket of possibilities. You think of a business process and its matter of hours to Design and Deploy on your own. We are there for You.


These 30-60 second clips will guide you about the applications and the potential benefits they offer for YOUR business towards business transformation journey.


In order to provide clients with specialised recruiting solutions, Crisprsys has developed expertise in the following industry segments:

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