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Enterprise Efficiency

Need a system to identify and address potential cost leakage areas in your business processes? 

The applications of this EEE module are adequately supported by powerful features delivering useful business benefits in terms Optimization of business processes and thereby control cost leakage points through Crisprsys Business Suite.Manage documents,correspondences,track timelines or measure KPIs for better control are now not dependent on software suites rather a matter of your own enterprise way of setting up the software.

Enterprise Activity Dashboard (Beta)

Reporting format has seen a drastic change since a decade or so. Leaders would like to see the reports in better presentable and understandable way not traditional list format. Our Enterprise Activity Dashboard is fully customizable and interactive makes it the one of the best in class in cloud Business Applications segment. Graphical representations, RAG reporting etc. makes it much more user friendly. User can select the default dashboard for his landing screen.

Expense management

Wanna control expenses of various type through different forms ? Design the form and start capturing expenses in standard applications or develop your own expense statement format. Crisprsys Business Suite helps to design, build and deploy apps including Expense statement with complete ease.

Property Management (Beta)

YOUR facilities need timely management with the understanding of ROI. Use our Property management solution for Property Lease Sales management, Lease unit management, Tenant management, Tenant self-service portal and Property reporting and analytics through web as well as mobile user interface.