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Business Applications

"By 2024, no-code application development will be responsible for more than 65% of application development activity." Gartner.

Crisprsys Application factory delivers the engine to make your own applications without writing a single line of code. Design, Build and Deploy applications within hours. Powerful form builder capabilities are designed to be integrated with one another, Choose your graph style, customize your dashboard, choose the fields you want to visualize and write your own reports., design workflow, set alert, set reminders, allocate assets to employees, assign to projects in a time bound manner.


How we will track so many items documents time line to assets ? Worried about compliance , warranty , contracts, insurance , Letter of credit or Bank guarantee, certification date of equipment’s, passport and visa validity , emirates etc. expiry. How to track with ease, the answer is C-Track from Crisprsys Business Suite. As appropriate as defined the tag line is , Record, Track and Act through C-Track, a complete tracking solution for all enterprise activities, documents and deliverables.


Securing and sending documents in soft format is a concern ? Safe keeping of scanned documents and retrieval of the same as needed is one of biggest worry for all organizations and here comes LDMS. Capture docs with proper meta data and linking those docs to appropriate objects of the application like employee certificates linked with his master data, equipment inspection reports link to its master data etc. are few examples for LDMS. Hosted in S3 of AWS , makes its safe and secure custody of your documents


Data is the new Oil likewise Measuring the data is the Decision point. Measurements for different Measuring points varies based on YOUR business , like Fuel consumptions, Distance travelled, Time out hours of employee, Events conducted, Petty cash spent and many more. This app delivers definition of Measuring Point and you are ready to go, just capture the Measuring documents againts the points. Track the variation and decide the next course.

Simple Planning & Consolidation

Business Planning and Consolidation is key Strategic element of the Organization. BPC application is designed to address the gaps in planning, budgeting, forecasting, and financial consolidation capabilities in a simplified way so that you can easily adjust plans and forecasts, speed up budget and closing cycles, and ensure compliance with financial reporting standards. Having said this we are extremely glad the way this application can be designed like define YOUR Key Figures, define Characters , set the planned or target value against the Key figure and capture the Actual and finally measure the variance.

Project Punch List

In projectized environment a punch list defines the tasks, action owners, due dates, necessary signoffs etc. In general the actions owners are owner, general contractor, sub-contractor and architect etc. Punch lists usually include things like minor repairs, cleanup and outstanding items, like installations (the “what”). The list will include any minor repairs to finishes, clean-up, and any outstanding installations remaining. In some cases, the punch list will also include final additions to scope with new last minute details. Helpful resources are available to help you develop your punch lists.Define YOUR punch list and track them as needed.