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Workforce Management

Recent Covid-19 pandemic has reboot all walks of life and all industry sectors as well. Being Contact less is a new norm.

Corporates irrespective of scale and size are reinventing the business models where in Remote working , Contact less movements, transactions, newer and fewer seating arrangements are just a few of New Norms.The WorkForce Management Suite from CRISPRSYS The AI enabled, Image Recognition powered, GPS integrated , User friendly , Zero code Workforce Management System from Crisprsys Application factory is the ideal choice when it come to save the cost leakage on account of employee time for the Organization.

Time Attendance

Right Employee at Right Time at Right Location remains a concern. Manage employee check in/ check out , mobile check in/out, face recognition, gps, geo fencing with or without access control, time out justifications, approvals ensures proper time of employees monitoring , for better productivity. What about 3rd party employees, overtime etc. ? Yes that’s also available. Paid time offs can be easily captured. With fully supported Dashboard and great UI ensures greater User experience.

Leave Management

To track and manage Employee Leaves, I do not need full HRMS. Casual Leave, Annual contractual leave, sick leave, half day leave, earned leave , emergency leave, maternity, paternity leaves, compassionate leave and or leaves of any type , manage with confidence through applied quota and auto adjustment thereafter as needed. Need integration with your payroll software, our API is there. 

Field Visits(Beta)

On Field job potentially differ from Office job when it comes to availability for work. Plan your team visit for scheduled or unscheduled tours, be for Sales, Supply, Presentation, Collections or for any Legal requirements. Our T & A solution provides end to end solution from tour planning , customer planning, activity planning, visit completion with all activity logging. Track and monitor, get notified in case of rule based deviation. Standard and custom dashboard along with RAG (Red, Amber, Green) reporting highlights the items need immediate attention like customer payment recovery, attend customer need or submit documents.

Work Force Safety

Any and every industry want to ensure Employee safety. Whether the work place is hazardous or not there is always a risk element of employee safety. The safety aspects related to an activity at work place can be documented through Job Safety Analysis (JSA) application from Crisprsys. Simple User interface to record the steps, tools, controls, consequences, hazards as well as incident potential matrix grading are the functionalities available with JSA. Capture through the web app or mobile app , in online as well as offline mod, JSA ensures your employes safety

Action Tracking

Managing tasks or actions require a robust software application.One of the best enterprise grade task management solution is Hyperdrive from Crisprsys. Tasks, subtasks, monitor progress, assign to persons, positions or job roles are some of robust functionalities which makes Hyperdrive stand apart from competition. Irrespective of number of employees you have , create, assign, track and monitor tasks with progress tracking and all approvals right to approvers email are great features. Moreover non employee tasks assignment and follow upon those tasks are easy through Hyperdrive