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Use Cases

Just a few use cases presented here from a basket of possibilities. You think of a business process and its matter of hours to Design and Deploy on your own. We are there for You.

Employee Early Leaving/Late Coming Justification

Leave Management

Projects Tasks & Timeline

Define the project. Assign the tasks to employees,positions and or external parties. Define the planned start date, planned end date, Capture actual start date and end date. Insert as many subtasks as you want. Completion percentage will only be completed after all subtasks are completed.Track the progress through the progress bar.Maintain inspection tasks assigned to your inspectors or inspection agencies.

Travel Request System

Capture all details related to the travel, get the approval , get the booking, complete the travel.Submit expenses. Entire process are managed through the wizard.

Facility Booking

List YOUR facilities , you need to process through Book-Approval-Allocate-Event-Complete.For all the facilities you can define the number of seats, in room items like, tables,chairs,projectors,whiteboard. Check the day when facility is free and book as need.It will follow the approval steps you have defined.

Track Warranty

Define the warranty object for YOUR Equipment,Asset,Gadget and any other Item with the warranty start date and validity. System will send an alert a month (customizable) before expiry of the warranty to take corrective acction.Report on warranty objects will also show all objects in either of Red, Amber or Green status.

Workflow Engine

Standard workflow are defined for standard business processes. You need to define custom workflow for you Internal audit, Tender and contracting, Credit control, HSE, IT and other departments.Define any level of approvers per position. Upon creation of a new task the workflow sets in and users will be notified from submission stage till final approval. At any point of time the progress of approval can be tracked.Entire approval process is through mobile.

Procurement Function Tasks

Action Tracking System is best fit for managing tasks of Procurement function. Starting from Request for Proposal through, tendering process till managing tasks and approvers based on delegation of authority till contract sign off. Technical evaluation and commercial evaluation team ambers acceptance with comments can be taken up and analyzed.

Action Tracking System for HSE

Action Tracking System is best fit for managing tasks of HSE function. Investigation tasks, Incident category wise actions distribution and progress, Terms of Reference, generating approved reports for external and statutory requirements through relevantteam and progress of actions are best managed through ATS.

Check List

Create YOUR own checklist for a task or a project completion. Keep on tracking the progress on the checklist.